The Irish Imbas Patreon Page

Last month, after some extended consideration, we decided to open up an Irish Imbas Patreon page. We did this primarily for two reasons:

  • A lot of the content from the Irish Imbas website and our monthly newsletter (Vóg) was being plagiarised and used (usually inappropriately) by individuals for their own commercial purposes
  • My personal dislike of the monopolistic tech companies (Facebook. Amazon, Google etc.) and a desire to separate my work from them

For a while, we’d been considering options to allow a more targeted mechanism for providing increase outputs to those people who support what we do. Given all the above, we’ve decided to trial Patreon for the next year or so.

You can find the IRISH IMBAS PATREON page HERE:
There you’ll discover that you can sign up to two different membership levels:

  1. ‘Tuath’ (tribe – level) – $1/month. This is designed for people who are primarily interested in aspects of Irish culture (as well as my writing).
  2. ‘Fénnid’ (fian member – level) – $2/month. This is designed for people who are primarily interested in my writing and the other topics as well

The full Vóg newsletter (10-11 issues/year) will go out to those who’ve signed up for the ‘Tuath’ and the ‘Fennid’ level. This will resemble the newsletter we’ve been putting out over the last 2/3 years, although there will be a slightly stronger return to areas such as Irish mythology which I’ve had to stop writing about (due to the aforementioned plagiarism issues).

Obviously, there’s absolutely no obligation to sign up. This is really only for those who’d like to receive more content/products from us directly

An Irish Imbas Books newsletter will continue to go to those already on the Irish Imbas mailing list although, from this point on, that will focus primarily on books

At a later date, I’ll also be setting up a third membership level (Mythology level) for those who are interested in learning about Irish (and other) mythology.  I’m still in the process of designing this to make sure it works, so it probably won’t be available for a few months at least.

Thanks to those of you who’ve already supported Irish Imbas through Patreon. We’re looking forward to sending some exclusive goodies your way soon.

Here a link to the sign-up form again: Irish Imbas Patreon