Liath Luachra: The Pursuit

Ireland: 189 A.D.
A pursuit across the Great Wild to rescue an abducted woman leads to bloody complication for the woman warrior Liath Luachra.

Previous reviewers comments on the character Liath Luachra:

“The thinking woman’s warrior”

“A female heroine who is commanding and fascinating.”

“Liath Luachra, the troubled and withdrawn woman warrior, has always been one of the best things about the (Fionn mac Cumhaill) series and O’Sullivan does a tremendous job relating the events of her early life, presenting her as a much more vulnerable character – although just as resilient.”

“An intriguing female protagonist unlike any I’ve come across before. Intelligent and competent, she’s also tragically damaged and vulnerable and yet somehow manages to cling to her fragile moral core.”