Liath Luachra: The Grey One



Ireland 188 A.D:

A land of tribal affiliations, secret alliances and treacherous rivalries.

Youthful woman warrior Liath Luachra has survived two brutal years fighting with mercenary war party “The Friendly Ones” but now the winds are shifting.
Dispatched on a murderous errand where nothing is as it seems, she must survive a group of treacherous comrades, the unwanted advances of her battle leader and a personal history that might be her own undoing.

Clanless and friendless, she can count on nothing but her wits, her fighting skills and her natural ferocity to see her through.

Woman warrior, survivor, killer and future guardian to Irish hero Fionn mac Cumhail – this is her story.


A sample of what the reviewers are saying:

Dark, dangerous and strikingly original.”

A fast paced traverse through bush trails and battles with a female heroine who is commanding and fascinating.”

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This book includes the following extra content:

  • a glossary with explanations that will help you understand ancient Irish cultural concepts
  • historical notes on the Fenian Cycle
  • a pronunciation guide and links to an online audio pronunciation guide that will have you speaking key Irish words fluently

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