A Short Irish Film Gem

One Irish film gem I’ve been keen to see for a while is “Abe’s Story”, a short animation produced by Snackbox Films way back in 2019 (and not to be confused with Abram Korn’s novel of the same name).

The story itself is set in Victorian London, where an overworked Irish writer draws inspiration from his day job in the theatre to write a bloody horror novel. With a running time of 12 minutes, I’d always imagined it would be easy enough to find online but, oddly enough, it never turned out that way.

Funded by Screen Ireland and RTÉ, it was written by Garry Walsh and Adam H Stewart (who also directed), the final product is quite beautiful to look at (you can see the trailer here: Irish Film

Fortunately, it does tend to emerge during film or art festivals and can now be found with a host of other Irish film shorts through the online Seoda Festival.