Fáilte romhat go dtí IrishImbas

Welcome to Irish Imbas.

We are the only Irish publisher specializing in fiction (and non-fiction) based on authentic aspects of Irish ‘mythology‘.

To do this, we research and explore ancient Irish cultural knowledge and concepts and transfer them into a form that’s more accessible and relevant for modern-day audiences.

All of our books and other projects incorporate authentic Irish/Gaelic culture in a way that’s exciting and entertaining and that respects the original sources. A selection of these can be found at ‘The Books’ tab.

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Dark Dawn / An Camhaoir Fuilsmeartha [Available now!]

“Sometimes it’s best to kill a man fast.
Other times it makes sense to take it slow, to work the movements and the killing strokes in advance.”

This is such a time.


The Irish banknotes are an interesting litmus test for the progression of Irish self-identity back home. Prior to the late 1970s, Irish banknotes consisted almost exclusively of the ‘Lady Lavery issue’ banknotes (also known as the ‘A Series’) which had been printed by the Bank of England in London and circulated in Ireland since 1928.… Read more »

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