When Ireland becomes a ‘Plastic Paddy’ Theme Park

I came across an interesting graphic novel last week called Judge Dredd: Emerald Isle. Originally published back in 2002, it was written by Belfast comic writer Garth Ennis and drawn by Steve Dillon (as part of the famous ‘Judge Dredd’ series) and it plays with every possible cliché of Ireland and Irish people – to the point where Ireland and Irish culture has been reduced to a tourist theme park!!

I’ve always enjoyed Ennis’ work, particularly his earlier ‘Hitman’ series (and to a lesser extent his later series ‘The Boys – also a television series on Amazon). He can be very brutal but he’s always funny and he certainly pulls no punches with this one.

I’m not quite sure if Ennis self-identifies as Irish or Northern-Irish but I suspect a lot of this particular work is influenced by his experiences growing up in Belfast during the ‘Troubles’.  I confess that I winced a few times with his portrayal of Irish stereotypes but I can’t deny he’s got an ear for the Dublin vernacular and his exaggerated representation of the mawkish ‘diddly-dee’ Oirishness (that some Americans seem to prefer over reality) is spot on.  

In summary, the plot is as follows:

In 2113, the Emerald Isle Ambassador and his robot chauffeur are shot by terrorist group ‘The Sons of Erin’ using a weapon called a spud gun. After a Pat-Wagon discovers the body, Judge Dredd is sent in to investigate.

Once day, I’d like to produce a graphic novel of my own without all the usual ‘Oirish’ stereotypes and anachronisms.  In the meantime, enjoy this little example of what happens when ‘Plastic Paddy’ jumps the shark: HERE