Irish Mythology: The Bastard Child of Colonialism – Part II

Following three centuries of colonization and much brutal cultural repression, in 1922, Ireland had finally obtained independence and thrown off the yoke of British imperialism. With independence, there was an enormous resurgence of enthusiasm to resurrect Gaelic culture and regain the glory days of Gaelic culture. Unfortunately, it didn’t really happen as planned. To understand… Read more »

Irish Mythology: The Bastard Child of Colonialism – Part I

One of the most fascinating aspects of mythology is the fact that, at its most fundamental, the subject reflects the battle between cultural dominance and cultural repression, the difference between cultural independence and enforced colonization. When mythology first became an academic discipline towards the latter half of the nineteenth century, it generally involved the study… Read more »

Irish Mythology, Newly Discovered Werewolves and Other People’s Spin

Much of what people see as Irish folklore and Irish mythology today, is actually a confused muddle of snippets of fact, cultural misinterpretation, Chinese whispers, intentional and unintentional misinformation. Generally speaking, the latter tends to be disseminated by bloggers who aren’t Irish (but have an interest in what they call ‘Celtic’ mythology) however most people… Read more »

Irish Sea Monsters in Mythology

Interestingly, for an island, Ireland has a surprisingly limited number of references to sea monsters in the existing mythological literature and folklore (although there’s quite a lot relating to inland rivers). Naturally, there are tales aplenty involving seals (i.e. selkie). These are most common to the north and along the coast of current-day Scotland but,… Read more »

Irish Imbas: Celtic Mythology Collection 2017 is Now Available (partially) Online

We initiated the release of the second Celtic Mythology Collection yesterday and it’s a pretty impressive collection. I guess as editor, I’d be expected to say that anyway but the truth is I’m genuinely impressed, probably because of the larger range and mythological depth of the stories in this edition. From our perspective, the primary… Read more »

Odd Dynamics of the Celtic Mythology Short Story Competition

ODD DYNAMICS IN THE CELTIC MYTHOLOGY SHORT STORY COMPETITION In 2015, when we ran the very first Celtic Mythology Short Story Competition, we received about 35 submissions. This year, we were expecting a slight increase but, in fact, that number more than doubled. This caught us by surprise and it involved a lot more work… Read more »