Liath Luachra: The Seeking



How do you catch and kill a ghost?

In the bleak Luachair valley, Liath Luachra’s winter seclusion is brusquely disrupted by a desperate plea for help. Raising her fian (battle group) to rescue a comrade’s abducted sister however, she quickly discoveres this simple ‘Seeking’ is far more perilous than she could ever have imagined.

Traversing the wilderness of ancient Ireland in pursuit of a mysterious raiding party, the woman warrior finds old enemies seeking to undermine her and new allies who can’t be trusted. Meanwhile, even within her own war band, unspoken secrets from her warriors have also begun to surface.

Faced with horrors she’d thought long forgotten, a chilling spectre from her past and new threats rising in the country’s south-east, Liath Luachra must revert to the very worst part of herself to survive.

And confront the phantoms of her past and present.

But you cannot stalk – or kill – a ghost.

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A complex and deadly pursuit in ancient Ireland’s Great Wild

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