FIONN: The Tightening Trail


The mystery deepens. The spilled blood thickens.

Following the recepit of cryptic message from an unexpected source, Fionn and his two guardians (the druid, Bodhmhall and the woman warrior, Liath Luachra) must traverse ‘The Great Wild’ to the distant lands of Na Tailte Méithe.

There, in a hidden settlement, his uncle Crimall may – or may not – be alive to greet him.

Meanwhile, longtime enemies Clann Morna have returned in force, determined to prevent the party from reaching their goal.

As enemy warriors encircle them and traces of an ancient conspiracy come to light, Fionn must grow into the role for which he is destined.

And work to solve the mystery of his father’s death.

Paperback available through Amazon from 19 May 2024.

Ebook version expected to be available in June/July 2024.


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