FIONN: The Adversary


Ireland 198 A.D.

The druid Bodhmhall and her nephew Demne have survived a bloody ambush but the cost has been substantial. The Ráth Bládhma allies have been decimated, the ragged survivors strung along the banks of an isolated river valley.

And their pursuers are closing in.

Seeking refuge at the fortress of Dún Baoiscne, Bodhmhall must contend with her own turbulent history and her scheming father to finally unearth the identity of the mysterious Adversary. Meanwhile, the woman warrior Liath Luachra, has a far more direct approach in mind.

The future is balanced on a precarious sword edge. No-one will escape unscathed.


Based on the ancient Fenian Cycle texts, the bestselling Fionn mac Cumhaill Series continues the fascinating and pulse-pounding tale of the birth and adventures of Ireland’s greatest hero, Fionn mac Cumhaill.

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This book includes the following extra content:

  • a glossary with explanations that will help you to understand ancient Irish cultural concepts
  • historical notes on the Fenian Cycle
  • a pronunciation guide and links to an online audio pronunciation guide that will have you speaking key Irish words fluently

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