Beara: Cry of the Banshee

Anticipated Release December 2023/Jan 2024

Once again, reclusive historian Muiris (Mos) O’Súilleabháin finds himself drawn out of the shadows, coerced into assisting the police on a gruesome local murder. A dark discovery has been unearthed at the ancient ‘Hag of Beara’, a mysterious landmark with deep mythological associations.

Mos, with his ‘sixth sense for history’ and ‘skewed’ views of modern convention is considered the ideal man to help solve the case.

Or screw it up completely.

But strange sounds are haunting the barren landscape. The old people are whispering of a long-forgotten creature and Mos is struggling to confront secrets of his own, not least the mystery of his own baffling origins.


Beara: Cry of the Banshee is the second in a trilogy of unforgettable Irish thrillers. Atmospheric, compelling and darkly humorous, Mos continues to turn contemporary Irish beliefs on their head, exposing long lost truths, suppressed for generations.



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Ireland’s greatest Mythological Detective is back on the case!

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